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Meagan Miller - Soprano

Just launched: the new web-site of soprano Meagan Miller.

The objective is to create a an elegant site that doesn't overwhelm the visitor with information, but features the important content. For the general public, the site will provide information on her performances, reviews, and available media (gallery, video, store). For potential employers, interest should be sparked to contact the manager.

The key content of the site is the musical repertoire. Performances, reviews and gallery pages are inter-connected through taxonomy entries. This enables the pages to be inter-connected, and reduces the need of entering redundant information.

Extensive theme pre- and post-processing was necessary to achieve the desired result.

Start Date: 
October 27, 2012
End Date: 
October 28, 2013

New UPsites home page in Drupal 8!

The new UPsites Web Studio home page is currently only experimental, since Drupal 8 will only be released in spring 2014.

However, I enjoyed trying out the new theme layer, and doing an long-needed overhaul of my site. The current content will be imported as functionality becomes available.

The site is still in its infancy. Everything is kept simple to avoid too much change when D8 changes. Especially the menu behavior will change and will become more responsive. The content from the old site, and the new database schema for Drupal 8, will be included as time permits.

Start Date: 
September 24, 2013
End Date: 
September 25, 2013

Opera Artist's Web-site

Check out http://ursula.operartists.com, a demo page for http://operartists.com, a custom installation profile for classical musicians!

The interface minimizes user-input and generates summary pages (Resume, Repertoire, Upcoming Performances, etc.) automatically.
A multilanguage option enables easy page-management in different languages.

Start Date: 
July 14, 2011
End Date: 
July 31, 2011

Laboratory of Andrej Sali: Membrane Collaboration

Drupal based web-pages to facilitate data exchange and communication between several research groups. The emphasis lies in the functionality and rapid development. The Sali Lab web-site style has been applied as an adaptive theme subtheme. Includes custom views extension module, to access an external database, and a custom drush script for node creation using data from external databases. Technical details are listed at http://modbase.compbio.ucsf.edu/projects/membrane/content/technology.

Start Date: 
February 6, 2011
End Date: 
February 2, 2013
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