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Ursula Pieper of UPsites Web Studio, converted to Drupal after many years of creating custom coded interactive web-pages. The capabilities and flexibility of the content management system have been a perfect fit to her expertise as a database and web programmer. After participating in the 2010 Bay Area Drupal Camp (BADCamp), she decided to moonlight as a drupal developer, and has since created multiple web-sites using Drupal 7, and participated and presented in Bay Area Drupal Camps, and has recently participated in a Drupal 8 code sprint.

In one of her previous lives, Ursula was an opera singer. Building on this lifelong passion, she is launching http://operartists.com. The service provides feature-rich web-sites for the performing arts community, relying on Drupal for the front-end web interfaces, while utilizing the excellent abilities of the Fedora Commons Repository Software of managing digital content.

Ursula is currently collaborating with Truman Technologies (http://trumantechnologies.com) on Drupal/Fedora Commons integration.

In a research-focused career at UCSF as a Bioinformatics programmer, Ursula specializes in large web-accessible scientific databases. She has also had experience working as a programmer in the business sector as part of the portfolio analysis department of an investment bank (Deutscher Investment Trust, Frankfurt, Germany).

Education: Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Göttingen, Germany.