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Needs assessment and Quote

In a conversation with the prospective customer, your needs will be assessed, to achieve optimal design and functionality. Based on the needs assessment, a detailed quote with a time-line will be created. A typical time-line contains the following steps:

  • Prototype Design
  • Realization of Design
  • Implementation of Functionality
  • Adding Content
  • Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Web-site Launch

After each step has been completed, the customer has to sign-off or ask for revisions, before proceeding to the next step.

Design Prototype

It is important, that customers communicate their design preferences. We have collected a number of divers web-sites, and will ask each customer to comment on the different styles, so that the prototypes match the customer's preferences. An existing corporate image will get incorporated.

For each web-site, one or more prototype(s) are then created using Adobe tools. The customer then selects a prototype, and the designer will implement any minor changes in style.

Realization using the content management system or HTML/CSS

After the design-prototype is finished, the pages have to get coded using either the content management system Drupal 7 or HTML/CSS.

Standard Features in HTML

  • Basic static web-pages, editable by the customer using Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Search Engine Optimization (meta keywords, meta descriptions, optimized titles)
  • Spam-protected email link(s)

Standard Features in Drupal 7

  • Basic static web-pages
  • Blog
  • Custom Contact Form with spam protection
  • Simple Newsletter
  • Summarized pages according to categories
  • Automatically updated News section
  • The customer can edit all pages through the administrative interface

Examples of Optional Features in Drupal

  • Galleries
  • Incorporation of video/sound
  • Shopping Cart
  • Rating System
  • User Comments
  • ... you name it

Web Hosting and Domain Registration

UPsites Web Studio can host your web-site on its cloud server.
Off-site backups are performed three times daily.
Domain registration services are also available.