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D7 Multilanguage Sites - part1 - the l10n_update module

Adapting the Localization update module

  • Download module l10n_update
  • Enable modules locale, l10n_update in: admin/modules/list
  • In: admin/config/regional/language/overview
    Click "Add language"
  • In pull-down menu: Choose your new language, then click "Add language"
  • Drupal is now importing interface translations. This can take a few minutes.
    When it's finished, you'll get a confirmation page:
    The language <em>yourlanguage</em> has been created and can now be used
    with a summary of all translation files that have been pulled.

  • On the page: admin/config/regional/language
    Select your new language as default

Manually updating the interface translations

  • On: admin/config/regional/language choose the "Translation updates" tab
  • Change "Check for updates" to something else than "Never".
  • Cron will now check for updated translations, and will report the update status on the status page: admin/reports/status

  • To execute updates, go to: admin/config/regional/translate
  • You should see English and your new language.
  • Choose the "Update" tab
  • You see a list of all modules and their translation status

  • On the bottom of the page, you can initiate an update

Updating the interface translation with drush

You can also use drush to update your translations:
drush  l10n-update        Update translations.
drush  l10n-update-refresh Refresh available information.
drush  l10n-update-status Show translation status of available projects.

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